Projects in the pipeline are varied and cut across many sectors, ranging from small industries, agriculture, education to micro ventures aimed at empowering women and poverty alleviation. Some key projects are:

Allaipiddy pix 3-project2

Micro Enterprises Park: NIDI has acquired a large seafront land to establish the first Micro Industry Park for the various islands and to support micro industry initiatives from unemployed youth in the islands. Emphasis will be on unemployed women and single mothers. The Park will offer facilities for youth to set up their micro businesses, with guidance in production and marketing from NIDI, and is expected to house about 20 different micro enterprises. NIDI seeks ethical investments from investors to support each micro enterprise to the value of US$8,000. Investors will become partners in each enterprise and their investment will be managed by NIDI.



DUCK FARM IN ALLAIPIDDY: NIDI is embarking on a major vertically integrated duck farm with an annual output of 10,000 birds. The centre will also serve as a catalyst for training rural families in duck farming. Under the project plan, the NIDI Farm, apart from its own stand-alone operation, will give each family 20 ducklings to grow in their backyard and will buy mature ducks at market prices, thus generating additional rural income. NIDI plans to engage some 1000 rural families as contract-farmers. This will be the single largest duck farming project in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.



PAPAYA FARMING: Development of a large Red Lady Papaya farm and support to out-growers of with seedlings, buy-back of all products at market price and processing of papaya fruits and pulp for exports to the Middle East, Europe and Japan



MICRO ENTERPRISES: Assistance to many micro enterprises by way of interest free loans, planning, management and marketing support. Target clients  for assistance are unemployed graduates who will be encouraged to start small businesses and grow them.



FISHERIES: Establishment of a chain of FAIR PRICE retail stores in the North, with cooling and freezing facilities, mainly to buy fish at fair price and provide fish products at fair prices to the people of the North. The Project will later be expanded to formation of Fishermen Cooperatives to expand fishing operations and for fish exports.


SEAWEED FARMING: It is a major project for a vertical integration of the industry – from the establishment of seed banks, manufacturing of innovative rafts and floats for seaweed farmers, farming of seaweed off the islands off Jaffna Peninsula, harvesting, solar-drying, storage and exports of dried seaweeds


SMALL INDUSTRY PARK: Development of a Small Industry Park to provide facilities to young entrepreneurs to manufacture goods such as garments, handicrafts, eco bags, spices, furniture, cooking utensils, agricultural tools and implements, Palmyra products, coconut fibre products, school furniture, ornamental furniture from hard wood, steel works etc. The Park is planned to be built in a 30-acre land, with all facilities and will be provided to young entrepreneurs at minimal rent.



VINEYARDS: A project in collaboration with Georgian Government Ministry of Agriculture. Development of a model farm for 10 different top varieties of high yielding grapes for production of table grapes and for wines production. The Model Farm will be both a centre for the distribution of rootstocks to out-grower farmers and for research and training.



MORINGA TEA: Using the resources of the miracle tree Moringa, develop a large farm on a 40-acre land in Vavuniya, with an out-grower network of some 2000 households in the North, buy Moringa leaves and establish a Moringa tea manufacturing facility for local and global export. 



SEAWEED FARMING TECHNOLOGY:  NIDI is working on simple, effective and low-cost technology for seaweed farming by fishermen. The basket technology is a basket floating in the sea, with seaweeds growing inside the basket. Once seeds are planted inside the bastet, they grow and mature in 40 days, allowing the fishermen to simply pull the baskets out of the water and bring them ashore. Another technology being trialed by NIDI is downward-hanging floats which prevent any waves from destroying the tender seaweed. The one-diameter basket float costs USD 40 to build, transport and deliver. NIDI welcomes donors to buy and gift one or more basket floats to fishermen in the North.