Secretary to the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs
Mr. K.D.S Ruwanchandra, hands over the Collaboration Note
to NIDI Founder and Managing Director at the Office
of the Ministry in Colombo.




Officers of Topmo Lanka, a Japanese seaweed company,
at NIDI offices in Jaffna, with the Japanese Chairperson.


Sri Lanka High Commissioner and senior members
of his team with NIDI Founder and Managing Director
at the Sri Lanka High Commission in Australia.






NIDI starts-up First Seaweed Project in Delft Island





Japanese Embassy Officials hold talks with NIDI





NIDI office opened in Jaffna on 29 Dec 2017.
Australian High Commissioner Bryce

Hutchesson and counsellor for Economic
Cooperation Charlotte Blundell participated
in the first briefing by the Founder. 

First Board Meeting held at the Ministry of
Special Assignments in Colombo;
From left to right:
Jean-Francois Bijon,
Dinesh Awasthi, Tanya Ekanayaka,
Guy de Fontgalland, Burk McCormack, 

Alex Lovell. Absent: Sarath Amunugama
and Shah Mansoor.



Opening of the Allaidpiddy Sewing
and Handicraft center for 
40 war widows
on 17 December 2017 by Nidi founder.



Graduates of the NIDI training program with the
NIDI Founder Dr. Guy de Fontgalland