NIDI places great emphasis on environment and environment protection. In the North, initial emphasis will be on maintaining and supporting all initiatives, from the Government, from the Northern Provincial Council and various municipalities to adopt and pursue specific goals which will bring about not merely a great and happy living environment but nurture a culture of keeping the cities and villages clean and healthy.

Clean Towns: Jaffna town needs a more robust planning on city development. While it is recovering slowly from the devastation of the 30-year conflict, it needs to have proper guidelines for construction, maintenance of canals and water ways, waste collection and disposal, tree planting and preservation. More importantly, it needs basic sewerage and water distribution network


Clean Water: NIDI will plan specific strategies for making clean drinking water available, mainly to those who are in the Jaffna town where clean drinking water is an increasing problem and where water contamination is at all-time high.


Clean Beaches: Beaches in the North are extremely attractive and have remained clean and polluted. However, there are areas in the Jaffna town and adjacent areas where dumping of garbage and other refuse, polythene bags and bottles are becoming a sore sight, both ugly and dangerous to marine life. NIDI.


Clean Tanks and Ponds: There are a number of tanks and ponds which are highly polluted with garbage, plastics, polythene bags and bottles. Many tanks have also been smothered by thick growth of algae and other plants. These tanks need to be revitalised and made to contribute to a healthy and pleasant environment.


Clean Canals: Mainly in the Jaffna town, most canals are polluted, dirty and have become stagnant. The canal system does not allow water to flow smoothly during heavy rains, often resulting in flooding. A proper plan and guidance, rules and regulations need to be in place to ensure that the canal system is fully operative. NIDI will work closely with all Municipalities to address this problem.