Education is at the heart of NIDI goals and objectives. Especially because the 30 years of conflict and the next years of slow and painful rebuilding of the war-affected Northern region, education has suffered substantially. NIDI sees the need to strengthen all areas of education, from the kindergarten to university levels as an essential platform for rebuilding the economy.

Graduates: Many graduates remain unemployed, mainly because the lack of opportunities in the North and on account of the lack of real preparation to meet the challenges in the corporate world. Most graduates therefore seek employment in government, even at lower wages. NIDI’s plans include a robust strategy to re-train and groom graduates to higher, gainful employment and entrepreneurship.


Technology: A number of opportunities will be created to offer technology education through short courses and training programs – across Information Technology, Engineering and other sciences to upgrade the knowledge of technology and make it attractive for students to pursue technology-based careers.


Skills: Vocational training and skills development, mainly for students who do not enter universities, will be a key area of NIDI concentration. Skills related to manufacturing, carpentry and masonry, information technology, repairs and maintenance, air conditioning as well other soft skills in customer care and tourism and hospitality management will be embedded in the culture and education of the Northern landscape.


Languages: There will be a major emphasis on English Language Proficiency, as English is an international language and a gateway to greater knowledge and understanding of the world. English language teaching programs will be launched for students at schools as well as school leavers and graduates.