NIDI is a non-profit organisation. It is also an ambitious initiative to build a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come, based on dignity and strength. As a non-profit, NIDI will require much financial support from those who believe in its philosophy and operations. Donors willing to contribute are most welcome to either pay directly into NIDI bank account or communicate with NIDI on specific projects.

Scholarships: Sponsoring one or more students for NIDI’s training and education programs are of great value. There are many programs ranging from a 3-month intensive English Language program to a one-year Training for Employment, mainly for unemployed graduates. Scholarships range from US$120 for a 3-month program to USD 600 for a one-year program.


Direct Aid: Direct Aid is a unique project where individuals or institutions can provide direct assistance, via NIDI, to micro enterprises, based on NIDI recommendation. Direct Aid can be either by way of a grant or an ethical investment where the capital is repaid within a 2-year period.


Projects: NIDI model, while it is a non-profit, is to plan and develop viable ventures in partnerships with other investors. Investors will be eligible for their return on investments while NIDI profits will be ploughed back into NIDI operations. NIDI works on a 80/20 model, where private investors hold 80% of a venture and NIDI holds 20%.


Aid to the Poor: This is a program to support the poorest in the Northern Province. NIDI has identified a large group of very desperate people, living below the poverty line, most of whom are war widows and their children. NIDI welcomes donors to adopt a family or donate toward their livelihood.


Funding NIDI: NIDI’s ambitious program of growth and contribution to the economy of the Northern Province requires adequate funding of its operations and projects. NIDI has established a Bank-Guaranteed Ethical Investment Program for willing donors and contributors to provide rupee funds of a minimum Rs.100,000, for a minimum 2-year period. The funds can be rolled over for further periods or repaid to ethical investors on the agreed date.