Northern Institute of Development Initiatives (Gte) Ltd

Senthil Complex, 88 Sivapragasam Road Jaffna 04000, Sri Lanka

5th Floor, M&N Building 2, Deal Place, Colombo 0300, Sri Lanka


Ideas Have Legs

NIDI welcomes project ideas and development initiatives from all stakeholders, friends and professional associates.

Whether it be just a notion of what may indeed be of value to the development of the Northern province, or a high value proposal to develop a unique technology, a process, a social enterprise or a business practice, NIDI will like to hear from you. You will also receive from NIDI an evaluation of your ideas and hopefully, a NIDI proposal to take your ideas further up the development ladder.

NIDI wishes to build a strong coalition of intelligent interests which will provide the required platform and dynamism for NIDI to grow and increase its capacities to deliver.

In its plans and strategies to enhance its performance throughout the Northern Province, NIDI invites individuals, institutions, corporations and government agencies to talk to us about your ideas for collaboration.

Jaffna, 01 December 2017